The Knickers Connection

You may well be asking where there is a connection between a pair of lady’s knickers or whatever you like to call them, and a set of scales.

Well I have to say that when I first heard about this store many moons ago, I could hardly believe what the locals told me! Would you believe it — you could buy underwear by weight!

Yesterday, on my walk home from the hospital, I made a bee-line for the place as I was in need of some new undies. The shop front is very unassuming, and a bit of a window-dresser’s nightmare I reckon, with a whole jumble of stuff pinned up any-old-how across the windows, and portable clothes’ rails standing outside under the porch area which is usually shared with two or three big baskets of merchandise.

Just inside the door is who I assume to be the ‘husband’ vigilating behind the cash register and rarely moving away from it. Behind the old fashioned, long wooden counter you will normally find at least two assistants, and by the look of them they can only surely be the portly wife and son of the owner. But don’t be taken in by the homely appearance of the store, as years of practice have trained the family in a meticulous sales technique which almost takes your breath away. No time to think — however crowded the place is, normally just as soon as you step inside your presence is noted and your requests quickly administered to. Then whilst one of the assistants whips your goods into a bag you are sent, ‘tout de suite’ to Dad at the cash desk to pay your dues and collect your receipt which also serves to confirm your purchase and retrieve your neatly packed knickers/vests/pyjamas/socks or what have you, back at the starting point.

I always find it amusing how each member of the family has a specific role and that the new millenium has not brought in a couple more cash registers to cut out the to and fro to Dad sitting there by the exit. But maybe he doesn’t feel happy handling underwear, and dealing with the financial transactions is more suited to his character!

Now comes the confession… I forgot to ask yesterday if they still sell their stuff by weight! But anyway, here is the address of the store so that you can check that out for yourselves next time you visit.

Soppelsa s.a.s.
Salizzada S.Canciano 5937
Venice, Italy

If you know Coin, the department store, just keep going towards the rail station from the direction of Rialto, and immediately after the first bridge you come across, turn right down the little alley for about 100 yards and you will see Soppelsa on your right.

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