Nocturnal investigations

paparazziWell my exhibition is called more or less that…

The plan is to have a map of Venice and from there lots of pics pinned on and around it with tapes joining up various areas of the board … a bit like a police evidence board, a sort of ‘whodunnit’, or in this case, where is she. Why? It represents a mother’s quest to find her daughter. All night time shots showing lots of ghostly figures around town trying to find out more about my daughter’s night life and where she goes when the sun goes down.

It just wouldn’t have been me to do something terribly formal. Today my curator came around to try to work out how to display all my work as I am not going to be here to help her to do it. If nothing else it will give potential visitors something to scratch their heads over, which is precisely the effect I want to have on them.

All the shots are night shots, as I said before… and all taken using available light which has resulted in lots of ghost like figures moving around because of the long exposures… quite interesting, so I have my fingers crossed for some decent feedback.

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