Watercolour workshop preparations

camplus06In spite of the weather, activity is in full swing to prepare the venue for the forthcoming ‘Painting Venetian Light’ watercolour workshop which begins next week, tutored by the renowned British watercolour artist, Cecil Rice. Certainly not the most accessible venue for a painting event, but it must be one of the most appealing from an artist’s point of view. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and within a stone’s throw of the southern lagoon, we couldn’t have hoped for a more peaceful and inspiring location.

One of the drawbacks of being an activity event planner in Venice without a ‘fixed event abode’ has to be the physical problem of getting ‘stuff’ from A to B. Every event requires its own particular set of equipment which has to be shifted from base (my spare bedroom) to the chosen venue. Whilst a Creative Writing event usually only needs at the very most, a projector, a screen, a lectern and a laptop — a painting event is a colossal logistics’ nightmare by comparison consisting of wooden boards, buckets for the water, water spray bottles, portable chairs, folding stools, trolleys and much, much more without even mentioning the essential colours, brushes and paper of course — though I am hoping that the participants will be bringing their own! Add to that the bad weather factor here in Venice today, making transport even more precarious, and you have all the ingredients for a serious breakdown.

The bad weather did have some advantages in a sort of distorted way — it meant that my husband was unable to work and was therefore available — if not entirely willing — to give me a hand shifting some of the workshop equipment. We hung around at home for quite some time to see if the weather was going to improve, but at a certain point had to admit defeat and accept the obvious — the rain was here to stay. So with great difficulty we set out, loaded down with all manner of cumbersome objects in one hand and an umbrella in the other.

But I didn’t really start out to list all my woes, but only to tell you how happy I was to be where I was, when I was, today. An unexpected stroke of good fortune meant that, slap, bang in the middle of our toing and froing between home and venue, I found a gate open into the wonderful garden behind the Redentore Church. Went straight through it and took a few photographs — not improved by the rain, but at least they give an idea of the hidden treasure I found.

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