Selling up or buying property?

Here is a basic checklist of things you will need to do and those who will need to know about your move:

  • Local water company (l’Acquedotto)
  • Registry office — this will depend on what your status in Italy is eg.resident etc.
  • Gas company — they will probably need to be advised at least 2 weeks prior to your move
  • Electricity company
  • Local doctor — check what the current legislation is regarding your health coverage in Italy
  • Rubbish tax — you will need to register details of your home. These will be used to calculate your fee
  • Tax office — according to your status in Italy, you will need to advise the tax office in Italy. You might have to do some homework on this one as to where and whether you are obliged to pay taxes.
  • Telephone — do you need a fixed line? Perhaps your mobile phone will be sufficient for your needs. Do a little research online to see what is on offer by the various companies such as Tim, Vodafone, Tre here in Italy for an internet connection.
  • Check also:
    • Insurance
    • Car tax & insurance
    • Parking in Venice (Tronchetto, Piazzale Roma etc)
    • Lawyer
    • Bank
    • Credit cards
    • Accountant (do you need one in Italy or can your accountant back home deal with everything?)
    • Television licence if you intend to have a tv in Italy
    • Removals
    • Find a local electrician
    • Find a local plumber — you will probably need him to fit a new kitchen as the furniture companies do not normally supply that service
    • Check out the free and local bus services from Piazzale Roma to go to large furniture stores on the mainland. You will get a better deal out there
    • If you are going to be here often, get yourself the local travel card which will give you savings on local transport.
    • Buying an apartment in an apartment block? Do make sure you know the rules of the condominium — these will cover all sorts of things such as noise, holiday rentals, obligations and privileges.
    • Make sure you are clear on how the rubbish is collected. Some homes are able to leave it early morning outside their front door, whilst others have to take it to a set of bins or a special compound a little way from home.
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Janys Hyde

Owner at Creative Retreats in Italy
Founder and owner of 'Creative Retreats in Italy', Janys Hyde brings a wealth of hospitality and organisational experience and skills into her small company, matured both in the UK and Italy.

After moving to Italy she transferred her skills to the tourist hospitality industry, accompanying international guests across Europe, caring for their welfare and needs; troubleshooting and organising impromptu events for their entertainment.

A 'creative person' herself, she dabbles in all manner of artistic pursuits and takes great pleasure in the organisation of cultural activities for her international guests here in Venice, Italy.
Janys Hyde
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