Resources for boat owners

Boat related reading — a personal collection
  • A home afloat (Gary Cookson)
  • Blue Flag (DBA magazine)
  • Boatowner’s Illustrated Electrical Handbook (Charlie Wing)
  • Canali di Francia (Carlo Piccinelli)
  • Gulf of Venice Touring Chart
  • How Boat Things Work (Charlie Wing)
  • Metal Boat Repair & Maintenance (Scott Fratcher)
  • Narrow Dog to Carcassonne (Terry Darlington)
  • Narrow Dog to Indian River (Terry Darlington)
  • Skipper’s Cockpit Guide (Adlard Coles Nautical)
  • The Barge Buyer’s Handbook (DBA Publications)
  • Watery Ways (Valerie Poore)
Venice & Veneto boat links & info
  • Cantiere Navale Gruppo Faldis S.a.s
    Giudecca 554 Venezia
    tel: 041/7121605
  • Mancini Cantieri Navali
    Via Taglio Sinistro 63/H Mirano (VE) Italy
    tel: +39 041 4355860
    fax: +39 041 4355850
  • Consorzio Cantieristica Minore Veneziana
    Venezia (VE) – 212/C, Giudecca
    tel: 041 52.12.781
    fax: 041 52.32.055
Other useful boat links
Boating Resources
Barger & Boater blogs

I would so much have liked to be able to list a collection of blogs on barges moored here in Venice, but as you will see from clicking through what follows, not a single story regards life aboard in the Venetian lagoon. Nonetheless, I have found a wealth of interesting stories and information in these blogs and web sites which offer numerous tips, tricks and anecdotes which are valid for all kinds of boats, in any waters. Some of them have been updated quite recently, others not — but the resources remain valid just the same.

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