Cloud hopping

skeleton-treeyesterday we hopped from one snow packed cloud to another…

We have been extremely lucky so far here in Venice, and have missed out on the worst of the winter weather that so many areas of Europe have been suffering, and in particular I refer to the incredibly heavy snowfall everywhere. We had a short-lived mantle of snow just around Christmas time which then existed briefly as treacherous ice, and soon transformed itself into messy slush.

On the down side, we have had a slightly prolonged period of exceptional high tides which would be no problem, seeing as the Venetians have lived with this to a greater or lesser degree ever since the first inhabitants opted to moved out onto the boggy wetlands – if it weren’t for the rather depressing warning signals that wail out for a couple of minutes a couple of hours prior to the phenomena. And more to the point, if it weren’t for the fact that on many occasions the sirens wail out in the small hours.
But getting back to the point – in order to capture a picture of snow, my husband and I went for a short drive to the surrounding mountains yesterday with me continually bugging him to stop every time I saw an isolated tree, which would almost inevitably be visible only on the blind side of a hairpin bend!

Lunch was a very simple and inexpensive affair taken in a motorway “caf” on our way up to the hills. The place quickly became crowded with groups of skiiers rushing to get in a quick Sunday ski, so we ate “dessert” in the warmth and peace and quiet of the car before continuing our journey up to Nevegal, the nearest ski resort to Venice and only about a one hour drive out of town.

January 11th, 2010
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After moving to Italy she transferred her skills to the tourist hospitality industry, accompanying international guests across Europe, caring for their welfare and needs; troubleshooting and organising impromptu events for their entertainment.

A 'creative person' herself, she dabbles in all manner of artistic pursuits and takes great pleasure in the organisation of cultural activities for her international guests here in Venice, Italy.
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