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mr.mrs.klausAnyone around Venice for Christmas but with little inclination to cook?? I see that Food & Art are doing take-away meals for the 24th and for the 31st. I have listed most of their menu over in our events’ pages, but will add some more details later today, including the vegetable dishes that I didn’t get around to listing …

On reflection it seems like a pretty good idea to me. So often around Holiday time I feel that I would like to get away from the stove and kitchen sink, but then realise that there aren’t many places that I would prefer to be (given our economic situation) other than my own familiar and cosy home. So the idea of being able to combine the two — no cooking AND being able to stay at home, suddenly seems very appealing. Food and Art has put on a very varied menu covering all tastes (I’ll add the vegetable selection later), which means that each of us can eat something different if we really want to!

They are offering the same service (and menu selection) for both Christmas Eve and for New Year’s Eve. Your request for Christmas must be in by December 23rd (to pick up on December 24th) — whilst for New Year’s Eve you must get in your order by December 30th for a 31st collection. I’ll find out the times and add those details later today also.

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