Burano Tris

Been having fun in the Home Studio recently, and have created these pretty, naif style Folk Art representations of the wonderfully colourful island of Burano, better known as a fishing community and the lace making centre of Venice. The work is in actual fact a series of small silk paintings executed by hand using the Serti technique (stained glass window effect) on 100% silk. Each piece is then heat fixed and transferred to a wooden, 100% cotton canvas, covered frame,

And in the same theme, a lovely piece of wearable art in the form of a long, 100% silk scarf which bears the same Burano motif at both ends. Such a light and luxurious feel to it, and best of all, unique! You won’t see anyone else around wearing exactly the same scarf!

If you are interested, these new pieces of work are available for purchase on Etsy. Just follow the links embedded in this article to be taken to the product pages.

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Janys Hyde

Owner at Creative Retreats in Italy
Founder and owner of 'Creative Retreats in Italy', Janys Hyde brings a wealth of hospitality and organisational experience and skills into her small company, matured both in the UK and Italy.

After moving to Italy she transferred her skills to the tourist hospitality industry, accompanying international guests across Europe, caring for their welfare and needs; troubleshooting and organising impromptu events for their entertainment.

A 'creative person' herself, she dabbles in all manner of artistic pursuits and takes great pleasure in the organisation of cultural activities for her international guests here in Venice, Italy.

Janys Hyde
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