Urban Sketching in Venice

The Urban Sketching in Venice walkabout offers an original sketching experience which enables you to immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Venice. Sketching is the perfect tool for capturing the city as it opens up your imagination and enables you to see the sights in a refreshingly new light. Suitable for everyone – from the seasoned urban sketcher to the adventurous visitor wishing to create original postcards to send home.

Sketchbook journaling will give you the opportunity to slow down, look around and absorb in glorious detail the real Venice. You will see, understand and remember. You will explore the hidden parts of the city and, as you move around on foot, you will see how Venetians live today.

Guided by experienced illustrator and Veneto Insider, Sarah, you pass three hours creating your own unique souvenirs of your visit. Her artist’s eye help her appreciate just how special this city is and she loves to share her alternative perspective on picturesque scenes which unfold around every corner. Look around you through her eyes and you will see the winding ‘calle’ (historic alleyways) and the waterfront squares, the historic monuments and the incredible buildings of La Serenissima from an enchanting point of view!

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Janys Hyde

Owner at Creative Retreats in Italy
Founder and owner of 'Creative Retreats in Italy', Janys Hyde brings a wealth of hospitality and organisational experience and skills into her small company, matured both in the UK and Italy.

After moving to Italy she transferred her skills to the tourist hospitality industry, accompanying international guests across Europe, caring for their welfare and needs; troubleshooting and organising impromptu events for their entertainment.

A 'creative person' herself, she dabbles in all manner of artistic pursuits and takes great pleasure in the organisation of cultural activities for her international guests here in Venice, Italy.

Janys Hyde
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